Voice Box Indy debuts as a monthly storytelling offering

Melissa Sandullo (left) and Krista Hoose are scheduled for upcoming editions of Voice Box Indy.

A storytelling series with a musical twist has debuted in a Fletcher Place venue. The new ongoing event, Voice Box Indy, intended to build upon the momentum of two sold-out performances of Listen to Your Mother, the live, storytelling show founded by Ann Imig.

Voice Box Stories is the joint creation of Maureen Muldoon, an actress, spiritual teacher, author, and life coach, and Cathy Richardson, a singer, songwriter, actress, and narrator, who is best known as the lead singer for the band Jefferson Starship.

Each monthly event will feature a theme that inspires each of the stories. The musical artists hear the story for the first time with the audience, then perform whatever song they feel is fitting. So, the experience is unfolding in real time, organizers said.

Voice Box Indy is produced by Haley Lawrence, owner of The Fearless Leap, a coaching service that supports and empowers clients to unlock their full potential.

The performances are being staged in the Dugout Bar. The first performance was Sept. 24. Upcoming shows include:

— Oct. 15: Kristen Bales, with the theme, Werewolves of London.

— Nov. 19: Melissa Sandullo, Thankful.

— Dec. 17: Krista Hoose, theme to be announced.

The opening event, California Dreamin’, was scheduled to include stories from Muldoon, Molly Milton, Noelle Russell, Llew Hobbs and Katy Gentry, who was recently featured in The Lily published by The Washington Post.

Tickets are $10 at the door, cash only.