THIS JUST IN: Ann’s hips are swiveling once again

The artwork doctor’s job is finished, resulting in a return of Ann Dancing to its decade-old home at the corner of Mass Ave and Vermont Street.

The new display and structure for Ann Dancing – a creation of English artist Julian Opieincludes new technology and new hardware and was designed with long term maintenance in mind. 

The new art piece was installed Wednesday, Oct. 30. Phil Sheingold, Ann’s “doctor” for the last decade, led the project team which also included SignCraft Industries, the local sign company that did the original installation more than 10 years ago. 

“We are thrilled that Ann Dancing by Julian Opie is back and dancing on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail for all to enjoy,” said Karen Haley, executive director of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. “We are grateful to our community for supporting our four week crowdfunding campaign to ‘Keep Ann Dancing.’ We’re inspired by the stories people shared why Ann Dancing was important to them and about the importance of having high quality art, like Ann Dancing in our city for the public to enjoy. Thank you, Indianapolis, for helping us ‘Keep Ann Dancing!’”

Indianapolis Cultural Trail raised more than $200,000 to fund the updated Ann Dancing. Along with the new structure and technology upgrades, the private donations raised during the “Keep Ann Dancing” crowdfunding campaign, will be used to establish an Ann Dancing maintenance fund which will keep Ann Dancing for years to come. 

For a video of the restored Ann Dancing, click on