THIS JUST IN: Midwest Black Restaurant Week begins today with new model in light of COVID-19

Midwest Black Restaurant Week – a culinary celebration under Black Restaurant Week and responsible for celebrating the flavors of African American, African and Caribbean cuisine with a series of regional cultural events – celebrates five years of service and the best in culinary arts. In Indianapolis, the palate-pleasing showcase begins today and runs through Sunday, Aug. 2. 

The organization’s continued efforts will focus on highlighting the city’s black restaurants and chefs – especially with an emphasis on reviving and saving the black restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic – as it educates consumers on the abundance of cultural cuisines and dispels ethnic untruths.

During Midwest Black Restaurant Week, foodies, culinary influencers, locals and guests will be treated to prix fixe brunch, lunch and dinner menus at participating restaurants within the area.  

In the Urban Times zone and nearby are participating restaurants Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles, Tea’s Me Café and Chef Oya’s The Trap.

Indianapolis is recognized as a leading culinary destination, with flavors from the African diaspora making a significant contribution to the local food scene. On behalf of local restaurant owners, executive chefs and catering companies, Black Restaurant Week savors every moment in highlighting each participant’s legacy.

Founded in 2016, Black Restaurant Week began as a one-city food experience in Houston, Texas. To date, the culinary experience has expanded to eight cities with involvement from 270 minority businesses and professionals nationwide. 

While some of the restaurants are offering dine-in menus, the emphasis on this year is on takeout and delivery, which has been a lifeline for participating venues that were faced with the severe financial consequences brought on by COVID-19.

Black Restaurant Week will host a variety of culinary activations and virtual events during the national 2020 campaign:

  • Restaurant Week: features affordable prix-fixe menu options from participating restaurants starting at $10
  • The Black Plate Awards: engages the community to vote on their favorite restaurants participating in BRW
  • BRW Bingo Game: encourages the community to visit multiple restaurants during BRW and keep track of their receipt to win a prize
  • Power of Palate Competition: national virtual cocktail competition to discover which city has the best bartender in the United States

For more information about Black Restaurant Week, its events and participating restaurants, please visit: 

PHOTO ABOVE: Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles sits on N. East Street in the Downtown district known as Cole-Noble.