BONUS COVERAGE: Harrison Center openings headlined by ‘Hot Metal’ exhibition

The Harrison Center will host six new shows on the upcoming First Friday, Sept. 4, once again with social distancing guidelines in place and face coverings mandatory. The openings include:

– In the Harrison Gallery, Kristin Divers will present, Hot Metal, a show inspired by a gift from her husband – steel toe boots. He was excited to escort her through one of the many steel mills he worked in. She was inspired to show the rarely seen interiors of steel mills through her art. Viewers will see works in pastel, an old medium enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and especially adept at depicting the sparks and heat of her scenes. 

  • In the Speck Gallery, Abi Ogle will present her newest installation, Natural Disaster. The work is composed out of commonplace materials and yet each becomes increasingly strange as bodily forms emerge or are destroyed. Complementary music curated around the show and composed by William A. Peacock will be performed in the courtyard by Forward Motion. 
  • In the City Gallery, Josh Rush will present a new collection of oil paintings inspired by local scenes. 
  • In the Underground Gallery, Symbols of a Dream will offer a collection by Joey Bauchle, inspired by henna and mandala patterns. 
  • My Art is My Movement, a series of paintings by artist Johnson Simon, will be on display in Hank & Dolly’s Gallery. The pieces, mostly works on canvas, explore the artist’s relationship to movement. 
  • In the Gallery Annex, Ana Jeftic will present Passing Time. Shifting topography, erosion, and the changing climate inspired many of the ink drawings and oil paintings in the show. The collection also features recent drawings influenced by mandalas and plant cells completed during quarantine.

All art will be available to purchase in person during the First Friday event and available for purchase in our online store beginning Monday, Sept. 7. In-person viewings after First Friday are available by social distance appointment (contact 

ARTWORK ABOVE: Well Suited, a pastel workby Kristin Divers will be seen in her show, Hot Metal.