‘Community Over Competition’ videos encourage support for all Downtown businesses

Downtown Indy, Inc. partnered with Wrigley Media Group to produce new videos featuring local restaurant leaders reminding locals how much they are needed during this ongoing pandemic. Restaurateurs are stating that “that they’ll be here tomorrow, if we’re here for them today.”

The effort is part of the “Back Downtown” initiative, the cover story of the March issue of Urban Times.

Crafted to drive engagement in social media and built on the spirit of partnership within the business community, civic leaders hope the first video will encourage other businesses to easily follow suit around the “Community Over Competition” theme. Wrigley Media Group did the work pro bono.

Watch the first video here.

“We are determined to continue the drum beat to ‘back Downtown’ and in doing so, keep the focus on our struggling restaurants and retailers Downtown,” said Bob Schultz, Downtown Indy, Inc. marketing vice president. “This idea was completely organic with St. Elmo’s Craig Huse talking with Tony’s Tony Ricci about the restaurants they love to patronize,” said. “Our restaurants and shops know that every business is hurting and want to encourage our residents and visitors to come back Downtown and support their favorites, so they’ll be around after the pandemic.”

The first video was released Feb. 24 with the plans for shorter, social media videos to be introduced soon. The hope is that the theme of “Community Over Competition” will inspire other businesses to create their own videos and promote shopping, dining and entertainment Downtown. Restaurants represented in the video released today include Best Chocolate in Town, operating a pop-up shop on the East End of Mass Ave; Bluebeard in Fletcher Place; Gordon’s Milkshake Bar on Mass Ave; Nesso Italian Kitchen in Stadium Village; Tea’s Me Café in Fall Creek Place; Tlaolli on the Near Eastside; and Café Patachou and St. Elmo Steak House, both Downtown.

PHOTO ABOVE: Chef Abi Meriss of Bluebeard films her part of the new “Community Over Competition” video.