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  • Autumn Leaves: Beautiful or Dangerous? How to keep our communities clean during the fall
    By: Jill Hoffmann, executive director of the White River Alliance Autumn leaves – a beautiful symbol of changing seasons or a notable source of water pollution? Both. As the weather turns colder and leaves begin to fall, many people fail to consider [Read More…]
  • Building a Better Bikeway
    Just over two years ago, Indianapolis built its fist “parking protected bike lane.” The purpose behind this bike lane was to demonstrate that parking could be used as a means of protection from moving traffic on Pennsylvania Street and was [Read More…]
    By Catherine Esselman, real estate development director St’Art Up 317, a window of opportunity for creativity and retail activation in Downtown Indianapolis The month of May in Downtown Indianapolis is unlike any other. The streets come alive with a [Read More…]
  • Indiana Humanities
    Mari Evans’s “Ethos and Creativity” Three Decades Later: Art and Race in Indianapolis By DAVID HOPPE I had never met Mari Evans—more to the point, I was unfamiliar with her writing—when I was urged to invite her to write a piece for Where We Live: [Read More…]
  • Winter Rx for Nature
    By LIZ WERTZ, KIB GreenKids Coordinator We are now in the thick of winter. (Well, except for those 50 degree days that keep popping up…) For many, the cold weather, short days, and increased time spent inside can add up to a case of seasonal [Read More…]
  • Indiana Landmarks
    A Sense of Place By JUDY O’BANNON Secretary emerita, Indiana Landmarks If I stopped the average citizen on the street and asked, “Do you need a sense of place in your life?” I’m afraid I would get quite a few blank stares. The expression “sense of [Read More…]
  • KIB
    Seven Secrets to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Success By: DAVE FORSELL, KIB President I’m on a Southwest Flight to Washington D.C. today. Ever notice their logo? A heart is at the center. As I prepared to speak to a conference of 1,000 [Read More…]