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  • Handsome repository for Black Literature and Culture
    The response has been positive to the Central Library’s newest space, the Center for Black Literature & Culture, which opened in late October in the historic Cret Building’s R.B. Annis West Reading Room. “The reaction was tremendous, said [Read More…]
  • Destination Fall Creek: CHANGE IS POSSIBLE
    The lesson: Good things can happen when people work together Seventh and last in a series on Destination Fall Creek, a program to “transform Fall Creek into a recreational, residential and commercial destination with access to art, nature and beauty [Read More…]
  • Looking forward to Phoenix’s new possibilities
    By BILL BROOKS Since 1983, Bryan Fonseca has been fighting the good fight, bringing intellectually challenging productions to the stages of the Phoenix Theatre. But if he could be forgiven for losing a little steam, just the opposite is true: He is [Read More…]
  • Near Eastside neighborhood comes far, thanks to NEAR
    By BILL BROOKS The question John Franklin Hay spends a good deal of time thinking about is this: How does an organization work to bring a neighborhood out of blight and into social and economic health – while not crossing a gray line into an area [Read More…]