This just in… Zoo to open seasonal Butterfly Kaleidoscope exhibit soon

Blue Morpho butterfly – Cory Wilson

Bright, bold, beautiful colors will surround guests when Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group returns to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Opening March 16 and continuing through Sept. 3, visitors can enjoy this immersive exhibit in the Hilbert Conservatory at White River Gardens. The popular seasonal showcase features thousands of these wonderful winged insects free-flying throughout an indoor tropical forest.

More than 40 radiant varieties of moths and butterflies are featured in this year’s exhibit. Visitors will see Indiana native species, such as the American painted lady, as well as stunning exotic insects, from the mostly translucent Costa Rica clearwing to the vivid blue morpho, a large and showy butterfly with a wingspan up to 8 inches across. The exhibit, which includes species from four different continents, also includes a few moths, like the multi-colored Madagascan sunset moth, often thought of as the most beautiful of its kind.

Each day, visitors can see the butterflies’ incredible metamorphosis unfolding inside the emergence chamber located near the center of the Conservatory. Timed daily releases offer a perfect opportunity for guests to have a close encounter, and a newly hatched butterfly may even pause momentarily on a guest’s hand before taking its first flight.

Guests can watch as butterflies rest there to take a drink of nectar from hand-blown glass feeders tucked around the space. Plus, the brightly colored build-a-butterfly activity wall is perfect for children.

Home gardeners interested in bringing butterflies to their own backyards can discover the native pollinator garden located behind the Conservatory. Inspiration can also be found outdoors amid the 3 acres of lush plantings throughout the Gardens, which will soon be bursting with beautiful spring tulips.

Admission to White River Gardens, including the Hilbert Conservatory and Butterfly Kaleidoscope, is free for Zoo members and included with regular Zoo admission. Guests are encouraged to save time and money by planning their visit in advance at

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