Super Stops will aim to speed transit service

Super Stops, such as this one to be located on Delaware Street immediately north of East New York Street, would speed loading and unloading of passengers on regular IndyGo buses.

By Kelli Mirgeaux

As IndyGo kicks the Marion County Transit Plan into high gear with the construction of three rapid transit lines, the bus service has proposed another innovation: Downtown “Super Stops.”

These upgraded bus stops along busy routes would offer ticket vending, real-time arrival information, lighting and covered seating. They would be spaced every three blocks.

“Responding to community and rider feedback, IndyGo understands the crucial need for ongoing solutions to ensure that public transit is more accessible and easier to use, while enhancing operational efficiency with the Transit Plan’s 70-percent increase in service,” said Lauren Day, director of public relations at IndyGo.

In the first phase, IndyGo is proposing Super Stops at the following locations:

  • Delaware and New York streets
  • Alabama and New York streets
  • Delaware and North streets
  • Alabama and North streets
  • Fort Wayne Avenue between Sahm and 9th streets

The stops are located where the future Purple Line Rapid Transit will converge in and out of Downtown. The Super Stops could also result in bus-only or bus-and-turn lanes for reliability and traffic flow.

IndyGo’s multi-year system improvements are under way.  As previously reported in the Urban Times, IndyGo is in implementation phase of the Marion County Transit Plan by increasing frequency of service system wide, extending hours of service, and building three rapid transit lines.

Red Line construction will break ground this Spring.

In early April, IndyGo hosted public meetings for additional engagement and input. IndyGo reports that lane configuration is based on an ongoing traffic study of each intersection and that final decisions will consider stakeholder and public input.

Here are links to: Marion County Transit Plan, Red Line construction and IndyGo Super Stops.

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