This just in: Cat Head Press sets Fall Fundraiser Exhibition

The second location of Cat Head Press is located at 3125 E. 10th St.

Cat Head Press will host Indy Artist Showcase: Fall Fundraiser Exhibition from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, at Cat Head Press: 10 East, located at 3125 E. 10th St.

Nearly 60 artists will be featured at the fundraiser being staged by Cat Head Press so it can continue to provide affordable studio and printshop resources to artists and to continue its educational programming for adults and youth. “We also want to support all the great artists in Indianapolis by showcasing and celebrating their work,” said Executive Director Dominic Senibaldi. “Cat Head Press would not be possible without the support from the generous, talented artist community in Indianapolis.

All works will be priced at flat prices of $150, $100, $50, or $30. Fifty percent of sales will go to the artist and 50 percent will go to Cat Head Press to support the shared printshop and educational programming so we may continue offering our services to the art community. A new Cat Head Press shirt designed by Nathaniel Russel will be available for purchase. Showcase artists include Alex Sanchez, Alexa Adamson, Amanda Keller, Amber Keel, Amy Applegate, Andi Merril, Ashton Boehman, Brian McCutheon, Britt Fukishima, Brooke Taylor, Bryn Jackson,Chris Vorhees, Christina Hollering and Clare Sweitzer Hawkins.

Nathaniel Russel designed the new Cat Head Press t-shirts available for sale.

Also, Corey Zeigert, Danielle Graves, Dorothy LaFara, Duncan Kissinger, Ellery Diaz, Gigi Salij, Gnat Bowden, Grace Beck, Hannah Clare, Jacob Aldrich, Jamie Lynn Williams, Jared Landberg, Jennifer Delgadillo, John McCormick, Jolynn Reigeluth, Josh Haines, Justin Brown, Kaitlyn Despain, Kaylee Williamson amd Kelsey Blacklock.

Also, Lauren Dodge, Lauren Zoll, Machalia Gray, Maria Iqbal, Marna Shopoff, Matthew Maloney, Nick Gehlhausen, Nick Witten, Niina Cochran, Priya Wittman, Qunicy Owens, Rebekah Nolan, Robert Young, Ryan Johnston, Shamira Wilson, Shelby Flora, Sherry Long, Steph Barlow, Steve Moore, Stuart Snoody, Ting Waddles, William Denton Ray and Zach Geyer.