THIS JUST IN: Two more galleries announce virtual First Friday events

Two dozen artists of the Full Circle Nine Gallery will celebrate their usual monthly First Friday gathering – but this time online rather than in person.

That same night, Friday, May 1, the Garfield Park Art Center will host an online version of its annual Hoosier Women in Art exhibition, continuing through the month of May. Those join a similar event at the Harrison Center, as was posted on this website on April 27.

At Full Circle Nine Gallery, the artists will repeat their April First Friday event, also staged via the gallery’s social media platforms. From 6 to 9 p.m., the gallery’s Facebook page,, will host Facebook Live streaming, of the artists doing what they do best, photos of their latest works, and videos showcasing the creativity.
Andrea Light – originally scheduled as the May Featured Artist – will instead show off her chalk art skills, creating a piece in her own driveway and streaming the process.

Throughout the night, First Friday organizers will visit the member artists in their studios and work spaces via the internet. Meanwhile, FC9 artist Ashley Louise will take over the Instagram account, showing off the best work at @FC9Gallery
To purchase any of the art, message the Facebook page to make it happen. The artists said they appreciate the monetary support during this shutdown.   
They added: Thank you for the continued support as #IndyKeepsCreating! 

At the Garfield Park Art Center, the online exhibition, My Generation, can be found at The Virtual First Friday can also be accessed via Instagram at @GPACIndyParks.

Organizers said the exhibition is for those of all generations, be they Baby Boomers or Millennials. Featuring artwork in a variety of mediums, the show will display the theme of “generation” through the lens of diverse female and female-identifying artists, including topics such as families through generations, social, political, and cultural climates of different eras, and the diverse artistic styles from various decades. This could also include work created during and/or reflecting on our current climate surrounding the coronavirus and quarantine situation.
Artists represented in the show include Alice Harpel, Alyssa Overton, Amy Brier, Baley Murphy, Beatriz Vasquez, Beth Ann Thomas, Carmen McCormick, Chloe English, Claire Dillehay, D. Del Reverda-Jennings, Delaney Davis, Elizabeth Wertman, Erica Parker, Gaby Mojica, Gloria Schurick, Gypsy Antra, Haley Coppes, Ila Van, Jessi Klein, Judy Mintze, Julie “Satch” Kern, Kami Spear, Kat Silver, Katherine Fries, Kylin Brown, Laura Kivela Schroeder, Martha Lindenborg Vaught, Mary Mindiola, Maya Johnson, Michele L. Burns, Mirvia Sol Eckert, Molly Meier, Molly Wolfe, Pamela O’Brien, Randi Frye, Salma Taman, Sarah Carrier, Sarah Cole, Sarah Norman, Sarah Pfohl, Sharon Jiskra Brooks, Stacey Torres, Sylvia Gray and Trinity Moffett.

ARTWORK ABOVE: A work by Andrea Light, featured artist of the May First Friday event at Full Circle Nine Gallery.