COVID-19 UPDATE: Two popular summer events fall victim

The coronavirus outbreak has claimed two more casualties – this year’s edition of the Talbot Street Art Fair and the Feast of Lanterns.

Matthew Robinson of the Herron-Morton Place Neighborhood Association reports that the Talbot Street Art Fair has been cancelled, but will return on the weekend of June 19-20, 2021.

The Talbot Street Art Fair was founded in 1962 by Talbott Street Art Fair, Inc., an artists’ association, in cooperation with the Herron-Morton Place Association.

Robinson reported that the Art Fair Board is considering sharing a list of artists’ names and their websites so people can support the artists with online shopping.  

Martha Latta, co-executive director of the Lanterns Foundation, said the 2020 Feast of Lanterns, to be staged in August, has been cancelled “out of an abundance of caution and a multitude of uncertainty. We cannot in good conscience or stewardship hold the Feast of Lanterns this year.

“Our mission is to give back to our community,” Latta continued, “and at a time where many businesses and organizations are struggling financially we cannot seek the funding necessary to put on a Feast of Lanterns worthy of the name.”

She said the Foundation will work with our sponsors, vendors, and neighbors to find ways to support them in the coming months. “We will come back strong in 2021, and celebrate the resolve and commitment of the Near Eastside in getting through this difficult time.” she said. Questions should be directed to