THIS JUST IN: Full Circle Nine Gallery going virtual again for First Friday

Full Circle Nine Gallery will feature Cindi Elkins and The Nature of Things as part of the virtual First Friday programming on Facebook and Instagram from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, July 3. Elkins hopes to inspire and educate through her work, which itself was inspired by nature and the nature of her process.

Normally a clay artist, Elkins has been unable to access a kiln during the shutdown. This month, she will share other media that she will usually work in to create reference material for her clay works. “I’m illustrating my process using nature as a reference, since not only do I want to share the final work, but I want to inspire viewers to desire to delve into their own creative process,” Elkins said.

Cindi Elkins said she discovered clay during her 50th orbit around the sun, while attending the Herron School of Art and Design, after a lifetime of “making stuff.”

“Clay has so many aspects of it which are unique to the experience,” Elkins said. “You get muddy; you have to think in the round, and are challenged throughout the process from concept to completion.”
Elkins creates her work using hand-building techniques in stoneware and earthenware clays to develop her figurative sculptures. For July, she will also be sharing her photography and sketch work that help to inspire her and develop each piece.
Full Circle Nine Gallery operates as an artist cooperative gallery, with each of the member artists and the board dividing gallery duties and artists roles. The artists will work together to help each other advance in skill and practice, as well as to bring success to the gallery.

With over two dozen artists occupying a large, three-room space of the more factory-reminiscent portion of the Circle City Industrial Complex, Full Circle Nine offers a wide variety of art forms, media, and approaches.
To better work with in the COVID-19 shutdown and restrictions, the Full Circle Nine Gallery has hosted Virtual First Fridays, on the gallery’s Facebook page, @fullcircleninegallery, as well as on its Instagram, @fc9gallery, during the typical First Friday hours. During that time, the artists will host live streams, post videos, or showcase photos of their latest work, in an effort to continue to connect with fans and patrons. The gallery has also resumed weekend hours, noon to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, with health precautions, such as required masks.

ARTWORK ABOVE: A work by Cindi Elkins to be featured in The Nature of Things exhibit.