THIS JUST IN: Changes coming to Mass Ave’s Davlan Park

Riley Area Development Corp. is planning to expand the patio space in Davlan Park for both Bru Burger and Starbucks, add a new curved seating bench opposite the existing serpentine wall, and place a “busker” station for street entertainers.

That plan designed by Storrow Kinsella Associates was approved on Dec. 2 by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission, although the panel continued another element of the project – relocation of an artistic Indianapolis Cultural Trail “donor wall” now located along the Trail under the Virginia Avenue parking garage.

That element of the plan requires variances because of regulations about the size of sponsorships on any artwork. That proposal was continued to the IHPC’s Jan. 6 hearing.

According to the IHPC staff report, the expanded patio space for Starbucks will feature a low wood deck and plantings flanking the deck. Bru Burger’s expanded area will also be on a low wood deck. The two expanded areas will be separated by a new low brick wall.

The grass/dirt area will be removed, due to wear and tear. A porous aggregate pavement will be installed, while the Brickhead 3 sculpture will remain in place. A variety of landscaping is proposed, including some tree removal and replacement. Interpretive signs will be placed at entrances to the park.

RENDERING ABOVE: The reimagined Davlan Park, as approved by the IHPC on Dec. 2. The Commission deferred approval of the public artwork shown at the far right, to be relocated from the Virginia Avenue parking garage. STORROW KINSELLA ASSOCIATES