Purdue University programs coming to East End of Mass Ave

Key elements of Purdue University in Indianapolis will be housed at High Alpha’s headquarters in the rapidly expanding Bottleworks District on the East End of Mass Ave.

Purdue University’s recent announced severance from the IUPUI partnership with Indiana University will result in the move involving Purdue’s Executive Education programs, part of the Mitchell E. Daniels,Jr. School of Business, as well as the Purdue Innovates programs.

According to the High Alpha announcement, the action will build on Purdue’s commitment to expand the university’s academic and research excellence to the state capital while investing in and partnering with the city to create new knowledge, build startups and connect talents with industry.

High Alpha is headquartered in a Bottleworks District building which is part of the new construction at the major development.

“Purdue University in Indianapolis is excited to have this new physical location and strategic partnership with High Alpha, the most amazing startup ecosystem in our state,” said Purdue President Mung Chiang. “Multiple opportunities for Boilermakers will bloom in the Bottleworks District, starting with DSB Executive Education and Purdue Innovates programs.”

Students and faculty in the Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. School of Business Executive Education programs and Purdue Innovates will have proximity to High Alpha and its portfolio companies, tapping into a wealth of experiential learning opportunities. With excellence at scale, the reimagined Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. School of Business positions Purdue to become a world leader in business education and a top 10 business school, with goals of bringing discoveries to the marketplace and scaling up innovations.

Those are also prime objectives for Purdue Innovates, which was formed in April in partnership with the Purdue Research Foundation. Building on world-renowned strengths in innovation by its faculty, staff, students and alumni, Purdue Innovates has created a comprehensive system to streamline access and strengthen support to both technology commercialization resources, such as intellectual property licensing and protection, and startup support resources, including programs and funds to launch, scale and invest in Purdue-connected startups in one cohesive structure. In Indianapolis, students and faculty from both programs will have opportunities for integration, collaborative research, experiential learning and participation in venture startups.

“Dynamic discovery and innovation is happening every day in Indianapolis, and High Alpha is at the heart of it,” said Dan Hasler, chief operating officer of Purdue University in Indianapolis. “Connecting our Purdue University students and faculty to this space creates invaluable experiential learning opportunities that will make for education and research experiences that are truly unique.” 

Brooke Beier, senior vice president of Purdue Innovates, said, “This opportunity for an additional location in the heart of Indianapolis allows Purdue Innovates to leverage the vast Boilermaker network and tap into a vibrant ecosystem of research, resources and expertise. We can establish a strong pipeline of talent to and from the capital city while empowering innovators to transform intellectual property into thriving commercial ventures and positioning entrepreneurs for rapid advancement and success.”

High Alpha is a leading venture studio that conceives, launches and scales next-generation business-to-business software. Founded in 2015 by tech veterans Scott Dorsey, Eric Tobias, Kristian Andersen and Mike Fitzgerald, the Indianapolis-based firm pioneered the venture studio model. Since its inception, High Alpha has built a world-class team of over 50 builders and operators, co-founded 40-plus startups, backed over 80 founders, and is transforming the venture-building industry. The High Alpha space in the Bottleworks District serves not only partners like Purdue University and High Alpha’s portfolio companies, but also the broader tech ecosystem of central Indiana.

“We are thrilled to expand our network of partnerships by welcoming Purdue University into the Bottleworks District,” Andersen said. “Purdue is already a national leader in operating at the intersection of technology, education and entrepreneurship. We’re confident this partnership will create even more opportunity for Purdue’s students and alumni, High Alpha, and the entire city of Indianapolis.”

This move aligns Purdue University, a top 10 public university and one of the world’s most innovative institutions, with High Alpha, a world-class venture builder. By creating space for Purdue programs at High Alpha headquarters, Purdue continues to fulfill its promise to significantly grow innovation and the tech-driven economy in central Indiana. Collaborations like this with High Alpha and the recent partnership renewal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. show Purdue’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and cultivating the next generation of innovators and leaders by fostering environments where academia and industry converge.